your archetype is the realist.

traits: practical, understanding, honest, brutal, logical, creator, intelligent, sensible, down-to-earth, reasonable

the realist is most commonly used to symbolize the highest possible outcome in a dire situation. they are the ones who have everything planned, and hand out reality checks as if they were pamphlets to those who need them--which, quite honestly, is everyone who isn't a realist. although they can be harsh (brutal truth over merciful), they are nurturers and care more than they let on. realists tend to do things that will lead to the best outcome, and use their knowledge of reading people to manipulate situations and problems in order to get out of a rock and a hard place.

fictional characters that are realists: hermione granger, dana scully, thorin oakenshield, lestrade (from sherlock), leia organa, willow rosenberg

other personality types that go with this: ravenclaw, horned serpent, poseidon, artemis

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